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PVC Dampers & Blast Gates

PVC Fittings

CPVC Dampers & Blast Gates

CPVC Fittings

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PVC Dampers & Blast Gates

PVC Fittings

CPVC Dampers & Blast Gates

CPVC Fittings



Chemical Systems Services, Inc

Chemical Systems Services, Inc (CSSI) is a leading custom designer and manufacturer of plastic environmental control and containment equipment.  We specialize in the fabrication of corrosion resistant items using thermoplastic materials such as polypropylene, PVC, CPVC, and Kynar PVDF.    

Our experienced staff of chemical engineers and designers has the expertise needed to create a system suited to your specific needs, complying with environmental and safety standards while maximizing your production efficiency and minimizing costs.
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PVC Fume Scrubber System

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Our Products

Polypropylene Chest of Drawers

Polypropylene Cabinets

PVC Fittings

PVC and CPVC Fittings

PVC Dampers

PVC and CPVC Dampers

Polypropylene Bypass Fume Hood

Custom Laboratory Fume Hoods

PVC Fume Exhaust System

PVC or CPVC Fume Exhaust and Air Pollution Control Systems

Custom Work Station

Custom Design Equipment

Polypropylene Double Containment Plating Tank

Custom Tanks and Sinks

Single Effect Evaporator for Wastewater

Single Effect Evaporators

Air Pollution Scrubber Chamber

Air Pollution Control System Fabrication and Installation

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